Fire Door Maintenance

It is ESSENTIAL that Fire Doors are inspected & maintained regularly

Fire Doors should be inspected by a 3rd Party Certified company at least once per year in accordance with BS9999 and the latest advice offered by the Government in ‘Advice Note 16’ (July 2018), with the recommendation that Fire Doors fitted in heavy use zones being inspected more regularly.

A Fire Door is an intricately designed and engineered device that is conceivably the most significant fire safety measure on your premises.

Installed correctly, it will slow down the distribution of fire and smoke within the building by containing it to a particular compartment or room, giving the buildings occupants vital extra time to escape and the Fire Service longer to respond appropriately. A Fire Door will also help to reduce the risk of the building integrity being damaged beyond viable repair in the event of a fire.

Too often Fire Doors are installed inadequately or merely left in a state of disrepair. It is imperative that your Fire Doors are regularly inspected and maintained accordingly, allowing them to perform as they were designed to, on the one and only occasion that they will be required to do so.

It is your responsibility to ensure that adequate measures are in place for the inspection and maintenance needs of your Fire Doors, with the maintenance records being made available should you need to substantiate them.